How Is David Icke The Sane One?

It is a very, very poor tale when the sanest statement in a video is the quote from (King of the nutjobs himself) David Icke.

That sorry case is from a video posted on reddit’s r/skeptic section 14 hours ago, a video made in September last year that is essentially claiming that we have enough energy to power the world because aliens put in there in crop circles to show us how to make perpetual motion machines.

Needless to say, to explain how none of this has played out yet, the narrative of this (God forbid) movie trailer transitions into a scare story about the new world order and the suppression of these energy breakthroughs by this controlling faction of humanity so that oil and pharmaceutical companies make lots of money.

Take a look at this, and gasp as David Icke’s almost philosophical ‘whoever has the money controls the world’ statement is uttered, a phrase that isn’t literally true, as this video implies, but has a little truth to it in the fact that governments need money, and with financial collapse now a recent memory or reality it’s hard to deny that we need the economy to be a priority.

Wait, did I just dismiss my own point?

Taking the advice of one of the commenters I checked out their ‘solutions’ video, which (surprise surprise) begins with a false premise: ‘the road we are on leads to total world tyranny and a global police state, the other leads to peace, respect and liberty on the planet’.

Well I’m glad the commentator knows the future absolutely and isn’t creating a false dichotomy there at all, that would be irresponsible of someone who’s apparently reaching thousands of people with his message.

I was supposed to be listening to what he said after that, but I’ll be honest with you when I say that I almost fell asleep. It was a nice daydream though, it’ll undoubtedly speak more sense than the idea this speaker has that these unscientific ideas can create a world where no-one is exploited.

I’d really like for no-one to be exploited in the world, I’d really like for human lives to be put before businesses, but to control the world to that level would ironically enough, require a global police state, a new world order.

Under the website’s liberty solutions tab, it is explained that the basic premise of their advised culture is a mixture of a free market and an entirely voluntary society.

Do any of you agree with me here that those two don’t exactly mix?

When you make the argument that big businesses need to be taken down, surely a free market will only enhance their powers, increasing the exploitation they are able to get away with? What are government regulations for if not to protect the public? And the idea that people will volunteer for the many roles needed is far too ideological to be realistic. People want rewards for their actions, and with a combination of a free market where it is possible to make money from working for the big companies it enforces, carrying out the many scams that are possible when regulations are taken down (and that many people will buy into, something that even the most optimistic person should be able to understand, we’ve all been scammed before) why would they want to work for no reward but a pat on the back?

It’s unrealistic, and combined with the pseudo-scientific premise the trailer gave me of this movie I don’t have many high hopes for the thirteen thousand people who took the time to clickity-clack the like button on this trailer.

Perhaps I should watch the whole movie and give you guys the lowdown…


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