Movie & Movement Are Not Interchangeable

Oh I’m sorry, did I say thrive was a movie? I meant movement.

Because saying movement makes it sound like it’s got some sense behind it.

Can I just say that I’m not going to buy the DVD for this movie- sorry I mean ‘movement’, although I’m not sure how successful one could be trying to stuff a movement into a DVD player. I’m sure the NYPD tried it with occupy wall street and we all know how that went down… with lots of pepper spray.

So if I do end up going over the whole movie, sorry, I mean ‘movement’, then I’m going to be pirating it.

Pirating you say? How can you pirate a movement? That’s absurd.

Well, it is.

That’s going to be my case to the courts when the prosecution tries to tell me it was illegal.

And if that fails, I can always bring up the point that a penis in public stole the Kony 2012 ‘movement’.

And if nothing else I can watch as the police try to arrest a penis while I lie in prison, sipping on some prison water and wondering whether I’m still allowed to use youtube.

From my post yesterday, you should have got the message that this whole thrive business is basically an attempt to use the new world order conspiracy theory and crop circles to try and scare the public into buying a DVD.

Although from the looks of things, they might want to take it further than that, we’ll just see how that goes.

But if you needed more convincing, there’s a link to Alex Jones’ webpage on their site.

Yeah, that should pretty much tell you what we’re dealing with here.

Oh sorry, I forgot the most important part of this: the FBI are stopping people from telling the truth about free energy machines. Why? Because of course a government organisation would have no use for unlimited sources of energy that could potentially power something as huge as a spaceship or a lightsaber.

I’m sure there are absolutely no military applications to an unlimited source of energy that the government (which I admit is pretty shifty at times) would like to exploit for purposes of war, if you’re too pessimistic to consider the fact that they could potentially make more money from this than the declining oil economy.

But the fact that no-one commenting on this website or its constituent arms across social media, would even bother to consider whether these claims break any laws…

Specifically any laws that you physically cannot break…

Perhaps the laws of physics…

Perhaps the first and second laws of thermodynamics?

Think about that one and try to explain to me how the psychic alien signals from crop circles can override fundamental laws of the universe. When Deepak Chopra can explain that, perhaps he’ll have earned those two letters you showed after his name thrive.


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