Black & White: Common Ground

For a follow up on yesterday’s rant I should probably blow off a little more steam. The new world order conspiracy theory is something I talk about a lot, and largely that has to do with its scope. A grand conspiracy such as the NWO is a very involving idea that claims to span multiple professions and generations with a single goal in mind, but the weirdest thing about the new world order proponents is probably their ability to fit anything they want into the theory to carve it into their own personal conspiracy theory, where the new world order is the cause of everything they don’t like in the world, and everything they do like is the resistance.

In a way I suppose, it represents a religion of sorts, a God/Satan divide where events are split in the black and white world of good and evil, with an all-righteous force on one side providing humans with the things they deem to be good and positive, and the pure-evil side, which is inevitably the source of everything the humans believe is wrong with their world.

In fact, I find it very strange well people of this mindset, which if anything appears to be some sort of hyper-religiosity, knock on religions for not making enough sense and enforcing dogma.

If you replace the word God with something else and the dynamic remains the same it does not make your beliefs superior to what anyone else believes, it’s still unproven and you’re still human.

What you do hear a lot more from the NWO side of things however is the request that you ‘open your eyes’.

Because what? I can’t see the truth because my eyes are closed? Do you have that little respect for other peoples’ opinions that you declare anyone who cannot agree with you intentionally blind?

It sounds insulting, and I suppose that’s part of the point, to try and shake you awake in a sense, but the problem is that no matter how open your eyes are it doesn’t stop you from seeing different things to someone else, because we don’t all think the same way. If we did, well, the world might be a less interesting place.

But I find that people still cannot unusually declare themselves correct unless they think they have facts on their side, but that’s a conversation for tomorrow.


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