Good News/Bad News: The Glacial Resist Stance (Part 2)

Welcome back to last week’s good news/bad news where I haven’t quite finished with you yet.

I think you will notice, if you look at the language used by my four different sources for this glacial bulk-up story that the more reliable sources don’t try to ‘forget global warming’, and to be honest, the fact that the Daily Mail can say things like this and still have the huge following that it possesses really makes me wonder about the state of society today.

What did nature have to say?

– “some glaciers in the Karakoram mountain range are growing despite a warming global climate”
– “the glaciers are indeed becoming heftier, if only slightly

In fact the glaciers gained ice that would be the equivalent of 11cm of liquid water, and this is a good thing, this is good news. The fact that there are strongholds of ice in the world, however few, means that we may be a teensy, teensy bit less quickly screwed.

But when we have sources like the Daily Mail proclaiming that we should ‘forget global warming’ because of this? That will only inspire more apathy among its readers, inspiring less people to try and help the earth out while we still can, because you can guarantee when the time comes that it’s too late to save the earth, the Daily Mail will have a different headline to read. It’ll probably be something like ‘Science destroys planet’ where they take all blame from the media and blame scientists, muslims and immigrants for not saving the world fast enough and conveniently forget how often they discouraged trying to help the only planet we bloody have.

Have I mentioned I hate the Daily Mail?

Because I really hate the Daily Mail.

To lighten the mood however, I give you a video of homegrown labware being made in a 3D printer, custom labware for complex chemical reactions. I love this technology.


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