Off The Road Again

Just a little update from on the road here, where cars tell you you can go and then speed up anyway…

A lovely little place where you can hold out your hand to signal that you’re turning left only to have three cars completely ignore it and almost have your arm off…

A place where bicycle brakes aren’t enough to slow yourself down when it’s wet…

A place where no matter how much you shout pedestrians don’t look towards you and keep on walking into exactly where you’re steering…

The quiet old valley where you are forced onto the pavement because cars on the road are driving close enough to you to knock you over and cause an accident…

Tired old highways full of the kind of people who walk slowly in front of you on the cycle path, then turn around and notice you only to carry on walking as if your bike can only manage 0.025 metres per second.

A network of cycle tracks that are dangerously hard to get into…

Systems of hardships that…

I’ll quit my bitchin’


2 responses to “Off The Road Again

  1. Some years ago, Taunton council decided that it was a good idea to surface the roudabout in the centre of town with cobbles. In effect, we ended up with a virtual ice-rink for motorbikes and scooters at the first sign of drizzle, and a series of ruts between the cobbles that are just the right width to trap bicycle tyres and won’t let you steer out of them. Ho-hum.

  2. I think the people you’re describing (the ones who walk slowly in the bike path, almost invariably with headphones, and the ones who will run into your arm when you signal a left turn) are called “obliviots.”

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