Holograms: Movers & Shakurs

So how do you feel about hologram Tupac?

Personally, I think this is a great idea in a novelty sense, there’s shock and awe, the technology’s really incredible and they probably scared a few people as well in the process.

But if people start using this technique more I can’t see a lot of good coming out of it, and for the same reasons why I have a problem with miming and using autotune in a live performance, because it takes away from the idea of the concert.

When people pay to see a person or a band performing for them that’s what they expect, a performance. When someone, be it Britney Spears or whoever the hell else, mimes to a recording for the whole show then it’s basically thousands of people sitting around and listening to the same CD.

Surely the point of performing is to actually play to people in person, an experience that you can only mildly simulate in a recording?

Not only is it dishonest, it’s a betrayal of sorts to the people that paid, let’s be honest, way too much money, extortionate prices even, to go and see an artist that surely isn’t that busy in their day that they can’t be arsed to sing for the thousands of screaming fans they’ve gained through years of (supposedly) hard work?

That’s besides the point on this hologram event however, although some of the comments I’ve heard regarding what we could possibly do with this technology have got me a little worried about where people would be willing to take this.

When people talk about using old footage of Kurt Cobain to have a ‘Nirvana reunion’… that just doesn’t feel right to me at all.

A couple of minutes? That could be nice.

But a whole tour where centre stage is a dead man who can neither approve or deny what’s being done? The main attraction? A miracle for ticket sales?

No, that’s twisted to me, which really makes me want to ask the question of whether that’s a rational disgust or not, because it feels sort of irrational.

On that note then, who would you like to see hologram’d?

You get a top three, and you can’t pick Tupac or Kurt Cobain. Also, by nature of the game they would have to be dead, so no ‘Bob Dylan back when he still played acoustic’.


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