Sunday Hangover: Granny Rolls Mage

This may strike you as an odd thing to class as a segment but roll with me will you?

I return to the land of the living!

In a break between reading A Game of Thrones and delaying doing spreadsheets I have returned to the valley of the shadow of blogs; my favourite region of the republic of internet and a place that I visit every day no matter how infrequent the buses are and no matter how short the stay may be.

And I go here so much that my space bar has lost its matte finish and is now partially shiny.

Take that, aesthetics!

Luckily I haven’t played World of Warcraft for a few years or my W,A,S and D keys would have given in too.

I grieve for the many gamers around the world that have lost the knowledge of which keys they are pressing; especially if they have to lend it to their Grandparents.

How are they supposed to know which keys you use to run in World of Warcraft?

Perhaps Grandma likes to play death knight on weekends after she’s spent three hours checking her emails which seem to consist entirely of chain letters?

It’s not impossible, in fact I’m willing to bet that WoW Grandparents are on the rise.

That thought alone makes me want to subscribe to that honourable game again.


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