To Avenge Or Not To Avenge?

I really want to see the avengers.

The problem, besides the ridiculous prices of tickets is that I haven’t seen any of the movies leading up to it; and I say that as a Marvel fanboy.

I think I saw half of Iron Man and it wasn’t great, but to be honest after Spider-Man 3 I really lost my faith in superhero movies.

Having said that I love the new batman movies and there hasn’t been an X-men film I didn’t think was amazing, but with the avengers I always have to be convinced more than other superhero titles, because Captain America’s probably the least interesting hero in the Marvel universe, Thor’s a God so he’s basically a walking deus ex machina, Iron Man’s a character that’s impossible to relate to on a personal level, it’s questionable how hawkeye and black widow are on the same league as these giants and the incredible hulk… I prefer him when he can’t be tamed.

Sorry Miley Cyrus, but your song would be much more appropriate were you a tall, muscular, green giant who loved to smash. Also being related to Billy Rae Cyrus and that guy from Metro Station really doesn’t help your cause. Why does nothing good ever come from your family?!?

That being said I’m still quite excited about the prospect of watching it. I much prefer a black Nick Fury and I feel like the problems I have with the individual characters are kind of made up for when they’re together; the dynamic change might just be enough.

For instance, I loved the justice league but I hated superman. He has way too many powers, so many that he doesn’t need to be in a team, he is basically a team by himself.

But then again, DC has the ‘just add batman’ card which makes everything ten times more awesome.


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