Good News/Bad News: Save The Koalas & Sillicene

Hello and welcome to good news/bad news; a segment that I should probably stop introducing now it’s coming into it’s fourth/fifth/sixth week but that I refuse to stop explaining.

Every Monday I go through the news and find stories that I deem good and bad, report them to you in my own special way, and then spread some youtube love to perk you back up.

First up, the news that we may be on the way to manufacturing smaller and smaller chips to electronic devices, and much sooner than we previously thought we may be sliding down the slide of progress.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about?

Go to this link and catch yourself up.

What we have learned from the molecule graphene (a regular sheet-like structure of carbon atoms) may be applied to its elemental cousin silicon, which is in the same group on the periodic table (and therefore shares many chemical properties) as everyone’s favourite element. By utilising silicone, according to New Scientist, we may be able to more easily integrate this molecular structure into the previously established silicone-based chips.

That, my friends, is good news; although I am a little sceptical of the use of silicone just because it’s not as chemically ‘flexible’ as carbon. However, the results are looking pretty good so far.

Alas, the bad news is pretty tragic.

Take a look over here and cry your eyes out for the decline of Koalas, everyone’s favourite marsupial.

Don’t you look at me like that, kangaroo!

This is the sad news that parts of Australia (not the whole country) have now classed the humble koala as a vulnerable or threatened species. In fact, according to the BBC; in New South Wales and Queensland, population numbers have taken a 40% hit since 1990.

This does not mean that Koalas are doomed, but in certain areas of Australia there has been a big drop in numbers, and because they are both iconic and adorable, Australia has a duty to restore the koala kingdom to its former glory!

Hey, anyone want to see a koala running down a hall?


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