Destroying The World: Dos & Don’ts

Having just watched Thor in preparation for the avengers, I have to say that I’m very, very impressed.

I’m generally easy to impress when it comes to movies but Thor was much better than I was expecting, especially from a character that really hasn’t peaked my interests before, and as a lover of Marvel comics that should probably tell you something.

What really impresses me is when the characters of villains decline into dark paths for the sake of a personal reason, and thankfully, not many stories these days seem to go with the whole Saturday morning cartoon version of morality, where one man decides to destroy the world and everyone else tries desperately to stop him.

But really, what would this character gain from destroying the world? Surely he would have everything to lose? Usually they seem to have some vague hunch that this ‘destroyed world’ will allow them to rule over it or an equally strange situation where the villain gives themselves much more responsibility than it’s worth to just get people to listen to them; but that doesn’t really doesn’t make much sense either. Are their new people going to listen to him out of fear? Will there be people left to fear?

It seems on occasion that a lot of Saturday morning cartoon villains just haven’t thought their evil plans through very well to be honest.

I seem to remember in the last David Tennant episode of Doctor Who, the Time Lords decided that it would be a great idea to end time itself.

Now, for beings that exist in four dimensions, that’s a pretty bloody stupid idea. What are they going to do when time is over, just sit there in a game of perpetual musical statues?

Perhaps the point of that story was to make the Master look like the sanest figure in a bunch of idiots, but I thought the Time Lords were supposed to be intelligent?


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