Britain Hates Pirates

Welcome back to the blog republic of internet.

I bet you thought I was going to say something about the pirate bay today didn’t you, with its relevance to pretty much anything to do with the spread of information across this wonderful invisible superhighway we take for granted?

Well, as much as I would give my right leg to save the pirate bay unfortunately the Queen will have my head if I even hint at such a thing. As such, under British law I am required to ‘keep my trap shut’ or ‘sod off’, but there’s England for you.

Even if I did want to rebel against this law it’s not like there are computer programs you can use to get around the forced-blocking of the site by Britain’s main ISPs.

Oh wait there are.

Well, there’s your answer, the world is safe for another day. You can illegally download the avengers and then realise that you missed out by not seeing that amazing, amazing, amazing movie on a mahoosive screen.

It does really annoy me when these kind of laws are dreamed up however.

I understand that there are issues with copyright laws and the income of the people involved in movies and the like that don’t make the millions of dollars per movie that Tom Cruise does, but it seems like a lot of the time people coming against internet piracy really strongly seem to ignore the other side and proclaim it ‘stealing’.

Stealing? Really? Fine, when I’ve finished the thieves guild questline in Oblivion I’ll come back to you and we can talk about stealing.


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