The Arrogance of Ignorance

Assuming that you can see the video above me, you may recognise the man doing the terrible rapping in this song, and giving off a message that, unfortunately, people are swallowing up like the pills he despises.

Mike Adams’ youtube has thousands of subscribers, and I suspect his website (natural news) has many more regular viewers.

I find it hard to believe sometimes that people can watch this video and not see that this is the very definition of fear-mongering, there’s really no nice way of saying it. The man spreads medical lies to the masses and makes a ton of money off of it, all in the name of battling the very things that he’s doing, using health claims for monetary gain and lying about drug efficacy, and yet he’s the true culprit!

I am honestly shocked that this guy’s still allowed to run a website. Surely this stuff is more dangerous than anything the pirate bay or megaupload could do. So why are people attacking those sites, sites which allow people easier access to different kinds of media that they may not be able to access otherwise (whether because of money or cable packages), and leaving this guy alone?

I object completely to policing the internet, but if you’re going to be doing it, then go after the people who are actually dangerous to the public, not the people who are trying to help them out.

The fact that someone like Mike Adams can call the whole field of psychiatry, never mind vaccines, a scam, is a testament to the spread of misinformation in our society and the arrogance of ignorance.

In the past people were locked up and put away because they couldn’t control their urges; that was egrigious.

But there are many people whose mental disorders are so disruptive to their living in a society without their problems that they need certain drugs to function. Believe it or not, sometimes, psychiatric medication makes peoples’ lives easier!

Health foods do not solve the problem.



One response to “The Arrogance of Ignorance

  1. I have seen the same opinions occur on many different places, including my own family. Supposedly my pills are not the cure but the cause of my schizoid-ness, and I have to get off them as soon as possible. You don’t want to know how often I hear that.
    People are ignorant. Ignorance is dangerous.

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