The Revision Hour Approaches

I suppose it’s time that I started revising for the inevitable exam season approaching. I do not wish to read so early that I forget what I started with by the time the exam rolls around though, so I should widen my reach, try and do a bit of each subject and then read them all through closer to the time… I think?

I never quite know how to go over topics as extensive as these three modules; lectures that have spanned from Christmas to now and have therefore purged themselves from my brain with a vigor that I assumed was limited only to holidays and inebriation.

There was a bit of a shock given to my system yesterday when I realised that I’d forgotten most of the taxonomy that I’d actually been pretty good at at the time; a stark reminder that my memory’s poor enough that I would happily kick out course-relevant information for the names of the houses in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Sorry brain, but you suck at retaining important information. I mean, how is it that I can remember the entire cast of LOST and yet I can’t remember the molecular biology of photosynthesis?

Is one really more relevant than the other?

It brings me great sorrow to know that I should be locking myself in my room and not dedicating my time to writing or playing Oblivion, but I suppose it was inevitable. After all, now I’ve done every piece of coursework for the year I should probably be replacing the time those assignments were taking up with work that doesn’t give me an instant sense of fulfillment.



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