Reflections of Clear Skies

So revision season has started and for that I apologise in advance for what will probably be a decrease of length in upcoming posts. Hopefully they’ll be just as mindless and irrelevant as ever, God knows what I’d call this blog if I actually managed to make a three point turn out of the dead end of blogging. I’m not calling this the main road and I’m pretty sure that jengajam’s already a well known radio show, so I’m not looking forward to getting sued should something like that happen.

Should you one day think to look up how this blog started, you’d probably raise a couple of eyebrows, perhaps three if you’ve got some kind of physical brow deformity, at my rages against twilight, questionable fashion trends and terrible music that I was certain would never break the big time (alas, Justin Bieber proved me wrong, the smug twat), I have to admit that in that time I have come a long way. Whether it’s a long way forwards or a long way backwards is a decision that is not mine to make but my world’s certainly taken a lot of shifts and jolts in that time.

When I look around and see what people are making of their lives I’m happy to say that rather than getting the childish panic of ‘I should be doing that, why aren’t I good at that?’ I’m actually pretty proud of where the people around me and those who used to be around me have gone.

Perhaps I’ve done some growing up in the past few years or perhaps I’m just content enough with my own place in the world at the moment that my insecurities have diminished.

To be honest, I’m happy with either of those answers.


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