Thoughts Through Sniffles

Can you hear the sound of sniffles and coughs?

I doubt you can because you’re not in the same room as me, but yes, I have come down with something.

So that’s good news.

I suppose you can tell then that this one’s going to be a short one that doesn’t deal with any heavy-hitting stuff but I hope you’ll forgive me for that.

After all, what am I good for if not consistency?

Not as good news as British libel reform but that’s okay, I’m actually quite happy about that, it takes some of the sting out of my inability to breathe through my nose.

Hopefully the UK government will handle this well and make Britain a safer environment to criticise organisations/people in, because it’s pretty screwed up that a lone critic can be silenced by an organisation that can afford enough lawyers to pretend that it’s not in the wrong.

That ain’t great.

In other news, Obama thinks gays should be able to get married.

So… yay!

I’m a little worried that this might lose him some votes from fence-sitters and give Romney the push he needs, but as long as Rick Santorum’s not involved anymore I feel much less sorry for the USA, even if Romney’s not great.


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