The Memory Game

Hello again republic of internet!

You know, since I’ve got my head down in studies I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to forget information that we deem important. There must be at least fifty lectures that have been completely flushed from my head, undoubtedly replaced by elder scrolls, game of thrones and places that sell cheap drinks; you know, the stuff that you probably don’t need to remember that much, seeing as they’re not going to impact your future in any significant way.

Unless I suppose I meet George R R Martin and after playing Elder Scrolls with him for a good couple of hours he decides he needs a drink and only has a fiver to spend.

But that scenario, as nice as it might be to imagine, is probably not ever going to materialise into reality.

I suppose that if this next book I’m writing does get me an agent I’d do well to remember my influences but then again, it’s not often you have to sit an exam on fantasy fiction.

Should I be worried that, with a few weeks to spare, I must again refill my head with all the bioscience that threatened to spill out of my ears in some kind of backdoor exodus? I suppose that if I should start worrying about it it’ll probably be when I have a couple of days left, and then only if I haven’t covered everything, but judging by the amount of information being shoved into two weeks of exams…

I’m a little anxious.


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