A Gem From The Archive

Taking a look at my old facebook notes took me back to a time when I was more inclined to riff some poetry off the top of my head. Here’s a little piece I rescued from the archive that you might find an interesting read.

Singing the fabled siren song I fall unto your spell, your words so seductive and succulent it pulls me toward them like a pulsating star; alas the speed unto which I slip into the comfort sends me into a permanent orbit. I cannot bring myself to indulge in academy, the taste of the nova is far too sweet to stray from; I would indulge in creativity; but precious time feels but wasted on art when the real beauty is already in my grasp; and yet so far away I cannot touch. Speed saved me from a collision course to disaster, but speed results in the orbit; you cannot contact the star; you’ll forever observe, however without the unharbourable thought of my world to cease the star is never within reach. My interstellar dreams are but a mystery never to be revealed; the world around me is a snow globe in which I am cursed to slumber. One day however, the star will grow; and eventually the star will die, a supernova of acceptance, the shuttling debris containing within itself the essence of our dreams and what is yet to come; as the exploding star burst towards me I dissolve, one with the dust and plasma that was once my hopeless dilemma; now a galaxy of possibilities; and as comets zoom past our destructive miracle, their eyes move too fast to spot the smile hidden deep within the first effervescence of life; the wait was over, my dreams fulfilled; dreams are born anew in the aftermath of our warpath, but they are no dreams of mine. For I am now complete.


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