Sunday Hangover: Snot Him!

Like last week, I am not hungover, which might make you think that Sundays are beginning to be inappropriately named. I disagree, I can be just as much of an idiot without the aid of a throbbing headache and a constant lust for sleeping the pain away.

I do have a lot of work to cram in in the next couple of weeks however, so much that [that story I’m writing that I’m always mumbling on about] hasn’t seen much love recently; and by that I mean that I’ve managed to flesh out a couple of pages this week rather than the 10-20 I aim for.

Anyway, this isn’t stupid enough conversation for today, so let’s get to something that can turn your brains into a mush so squishy that it’ll slide out through your nose and drip onto your now lolling tongue.

Speaking of squishy stuff coming out of your nose I’ve been battling the sniffles for a few days and have noticed a couple of annoying things about having inappropriate levels of mucus up there.

For one, blowing my nose actually appeared to make the blockages worse.

Whether this is due to some property of the cold I had or because it was already up there and I forced it down I don’t know… but it’s most probably the latter.

Nasal spray gave my nose a burning sensation that lasted until I fell asleep and made it very difficult to force myself to breathe through the nose it had so ferociously cleared. It’s hard to appreciate the remedial effects of a medication sometimes when it punishes you for letting it do its job.

Adding to my nose blockages the cough that appeared to be constantly brewing in my throat didn’t leave breathing through my mouth a particularly pleasant experience either, especially when I woke up with a tongue dry enough to resemble a bloated worm in my mouth.

I’m sure this has been an enlightening experience for all of you.


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