Trying For A Bush

I’m going to go ahead and pretend that I didn’t just sleep in and lose about five hours of productivity in the process, if that’s okay with you.

So, George W Bush is a war criminal. How many of you saw that one coming?

I wonder if there’s going to be an elaboration on this. Will Tony Blair be charged with equally horrific crimes for bending over for the ex-US president? Will action be taken to actually try to capture him? Because the crimes he’s being accused of are actually pretty horrific, and, unfortunately, a lot of money goes into those enterprises that could be spent on, I don’t know, charities, science, exploration, healthcare, education.

You know, those unimportant things that sap the military’s obviously much deserved money.

If you can’t tell that I have an anti-war bias right now you should probably get examined.

What would the procedure even be for arresting someone of that high esteem? Would it even be possible? How badly would Obama fight to save his predecessor from prison in Kuala Lumpur? (Which I assume is some kind of three hundred metre diameter tiger pit littered with bear traps.)

If there’s any way to be sure to lose votes, it’s to let the ex-president be taken away to be tried for human rights violation.

And really, that’s the point I think I’m trying to make here, because that’s a little fucked up.

Surely, if he’s being accused of these crimes he should be given a trial, and if he’s not guilty then there would surely be nothing to worry about? Sometimes I wish that the world was as simple as that. No doubt Bush doesn’t have a lot of friends in his own country, never mind overseas.

The human mind, or at least my human mind, is very eager to simplify, eager to declare things as easily solvable, black and white, and it’s sometimes pretty difficult to inject some real sense into that, especially with international issues, very powerful men and questionable motives.

And once you bring politics in you risk a flame war with every comment as well.

And that ain’t healthy.


2 responses to “Trying For A Bush

  1. In for a penny, in for a pound. Can we get Ratzinger for crimes against humanity and the covering up of child abuse while we’re at it?

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