Sources of Evil

Let’s talk about Satan.

Not because the new tenacious D album came out yesterday and I’m resisting listening to it until I’ve done my exams but because it always piques my interests, probably because I always found that more fundamentalist view of good and evil the hardest to believe, and I still struggle to believe that there are people who believe literally in the devil despite the claims of people like Alex Jones, Fred Phelps etc.

It’s not that I think they’re dishonest (well, I do but that’s not the point) but the idea that an absolute force of evil needs to exist outside of our plane of existence… it’s redundant, and it’s redundant because we humans are evil enough by ourselves to explain all of the shit we put each other through.

They may very well believe that the devil is out there but despite having been naive enough to believe most things that were thrown at me for the majority of my life, there’s no place for that kind of thinking in my head, I can’t compartmentalise away what I already know to be true, the human ability to hurt. I’m sorry but if there is a devil then we’re it, as much as I wish we were not.

The idea of Satan running hell as well as providing the anti-God make-up of our world appears to be a paradox of sorts, and that always threw me a little, because to be punishing those who didn’t bend to God’s will the devil would technically be working for the man upstairs, and that’s a confusing relationship to have between beings that are supposed to oppose each other in every respect.

There’s also very little imagination that goes into the portrayal of hell. You would think that a realm of eternal and unbearable punishments outside of our understanding would have something a little more ethereal than fire and hot pokers, but I suppose even the devil has a budget.


2 responses to “Sources of Evil

  1. There’s also very little imagination that goes into the portrayal of hell

    On the other hand, there’s precious little said at all about what heaven actually consists of (in Christian circles, at least). The carrot is barely described at all, while descriptions of the stick are detailed to the point of what almost seems like voyeuristic delight.

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