Demons Aren’t Sexy

I’m not done yet guys, nor will I ever be!

I distinctly remember that a post I wrote about succubi a year or abouts ago got a ridiculous amount of views. Mostly because it had a picture that some people on the internet found… creepily arousing… apparently.

As much as I understand that everyone likes different things and some fetishes aren’t for everyone, it’s still a little bit depressing that (and I see this on teen skepchick as well) by far the search terms that drive the most traffic to a blog are: sex succubus, sex teen, penis microphone and other such ‘stimulating’ queries.

Now I understand that the internet is the porn hub of the world but really guys, type something else, you might learn something, but probably not from this site.

But what is it about sex demons that drives people to sites that have casually mentioned them? Could it be that people like horns on women? Do some people honestly get turned on by emotionless women who just want sex? Because I honestly thought that was a Two and a Half Men inspired myth.

One of the things that really baffles me is peoples’ ability to pick up on some aspects of the mythology and completely ignore the others, I think I mentioned this last time too.

So you believe the part about being able to summon demons from other worlds that look like horned women that really, really want to have sex with you… but you completely ignore the part where they’re having sex with you to drain your soul away and pull you into a fiery inferno of doom.

Yep, that sounds like humans all right, kings of cherry picking. Although I suppose it’s pretty difficult to observe that kind of pick-and-choose your reality nature in animals.

For all I know there could be plenty of whales that try to summon sexy whale demons and don’t think it’s going to hinder them in the slightest.

…and now I’m wondering how whales even define sexiness.

That’s a disturbing thought if there ever was one.

Getting back to succubi though, if it was really possible to summon demons and not have them rip your penis apart with their nether-fangs then the military would probably swallow them up and put them in uniform. It would be much safer that sending human soldiers and we’d be killing demons in the process. That’s a win-win right? Because if there’s anything that rival armies like it’s demons in uniform… probably.


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