The Sun Times – Dick Move

I wonder sometimes how much people research what they ‘proudly support’ before they shove their endorsement onto it like some kind of ignorant metal brand. And by that I mean the sun times flying the anti-vaccination flag and declaring that they ‘proudly support generation rescue and autism ONE’ despite the editor of the newspaper declaring that they were only sponsoring the event.

So here’s the scientist they’re leaning on here.

Still, sponsoring something that encourages thousands of lives to be put at risk is a dick move, I’m pretty sure you’d have to be Jenny McCarthy to disagree with that. And in fact this newspaper, and other venues in the American media seem to treat the ex-playboy bunny as a nobel prize winning physician, an expert on autism and not just some celebrity who has no right to her fame trying to find something to blame for a condition that could not be helped; namely her son’s autism.

As scapegoats go however, you’d think it would be wiser to pick something that hasn’t saved thousands of lives and has the potential to save millions more. Just a thought.

How about you blame autism on your excuse for a career? Perhaps your fake breasts? Or perhaps some of that kool aid you’ve been so joyously shoving down your gullet.

It really does disgust me though, how easily media outlets like the Sun Times and The Oprah Winfrey Show latch on to this unscientific fear-mongering and present it to the world as fact, it’s completely irresponsible journalism, and while I don’t trust those outlets to do a lot of things I at least expect some level of competence, especially for Oprah, given the amount of money thrown at them to tell stories and tell them right.

Perhaps if using needles was less common there’d be a little less stigma, perhaps one day there’ll be a more efficient way of deploying vaccines into the blood stream, because that’s a powerful image that a lot of people latch onto. I have often times had to wade through pictures of crying babies with needles in their arms when looking for a photo to go with a vaccine topic and it’s really depressing to think that that’s the association people make when they think about vaccines, when really they should be picturing the lives saved, the deaths prevented, the outbreaks contained, by what is honestly one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Just sayin’.


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