Hiding Out For A Hero

Before I start making notes on how to measure cardiac output let me bathe in the glory that is a twenty minute break on WordPress, a site that still won’t let its own name pass its spell check filter.

My room has now become my batcave, I’m spending way too many hours in here scribbling notes and reading over older ones, sleeping and getting changed; but at least it has a window, that’s something that I felt the batcave was always severely lacking, and on days as sunny as these, that’s actually quite the comforting factor.

Not that other superhero hideouts are better designed, Superman’s fortress of solitude is architecturally shaky at best, the baxter building is just asking for a terrorist attack and everywhere the X-men go it seems to be pretty damn conspicuous.

And if we’re talking about the savage land, I’d say Antarctica’s a pretty shit place to be living, even if you have converted it into some tropical paradise. Then again Magneto doesn’t really need to find a good place to live, he can create one with a few strokes of his… mind? Hand? Whatever he feels like using on that particular day.

Spider-man’s use of his house though is probably the most sane answer to the superhero hideout problem, and looking around me I’ve already taken pretty good care of that.

Superhero hideous: check.

Now all I have to do is get my powers.

I wonder how much adamantium goes for these days?


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