Moar Living Babies?

Let me try to do this in brief, not in briefs, because I don’t own a pair of briefs. Bear in mind I just googled the term to make sure that I don’t own a pair of them and now I am scarred for life. I don’t need to see the shape of other men’s junk… I should have turned google safe search on.

It’s time for a little round of here’s some good news, I’m leaving out the bad news, because I’m surrounded with work at the moment and I like smiles more than frowns, just like most people.

Haven’t checked my sources on this so feel free to bombard me with your skepticism but if what the story I just hyperlinked to holds water then there might actually be more positive benefits to vaccination during pregnancy than just the immunisation of the brewing child.

And as much as you might not like to picture your newborn baby with a head of foam and a hops aftertaste, the metaphor still stands.

In fact, it may be that vaccinations actually reduce the risk of stillbirths.

Those were some impressive figures on that article so I’m not going to gush because at the moment I’m reserving judgement for something that sounds pretty damn impressive in case I turn out to be wrong.

But God damn it I hope this is true, it could save a lot of suffering potentially, both for lessening diseases if people hear about other benefits and for reducing the number of stillbirths and therefore the frequency of the depression and heartbreak that can go along with such a rollercoaster.

So, medical science, let me have this one, because that would be freaking awesome.

If not, get working on something similar!


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