Music: The Proliferation of Crap

I really, really hate that there’s a whole subgenre of music written specifically to be played in clubs. Not just because the music itself is of questionable quality and is on pretty much everywhere you go after nine on a Friday or Saturday; for me it says something about why the music industry is looked at with distaste by so many people. I mean, if you really want people to think you’re making music because your passionate about it, then making a whole genre purely for business reasons seems more than a little counter-intuitive.

But I suppose if we start thinking like that we’re already falling prey to naive delusions; it does sadden me that, like everything in the Western world, it comes down to what will bring in the most money, but when it comes to music there is a constant proliferation of crap with a few gems flung out to the side.

There does seem to be, and correct me if I’m wrong, a slight improvement seeping in however. For all I know this could be entirely an artefact of confirmation bias, but if you consider the ease of access we have to music in the dawn of file sharing, people, at least I suspect, are only buying the music that they really feel passionately about. Considering this, I hope, the music industry is going to have to try a lot harder to please people, this, hopefully, will mean less of the endless crap stream (fuck you One Direction) and more of the songs that have enough time and effort put into them to not make your ears bleed.

And the more power that label executives get taken away from them, the more the market will be controlled by smaller, more dedicated companies. I’m no economist, but I do play one on this blog.


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