The X-men Are Gay!

Very, very quick update again today, really sorry I haven’t had the time to do a long rant recently, but I’ve been busy as hell.

I’d like to give Marvel a big clap, a big slow clap, and if I may be so bold a big grin and a friendly nudge with my elbow, because they’re on fire recently. Not only was Avengers amazing, but they beat DC to the punch (for those of you who don’t know, a DC comics superhero is going to be coming out of the closet in the future. Word is that it’s going to be green lantern, but I’m personally rooting for superman… because he’s super… thanks for asking) with gay-friendly content.

Yes, an X-man by the name of Northstar married his boyfriend in Astonishing X-men, enraging many American groups that have names like ‘we love families’, ‘happy families are awesome’ and other misnomers that just barely disguise their homophobic skins.

Marvel’s no stranger to dealing with issues of homosexuality. In fact, when I could still afford to buy comics regularly, in Ultimate X-men the issue and even the societal controversy was played upon, with Colossus coming out as gay and Nightcrawler dealing with the fact that his best friend is something he can’t come to terms with. Nightcrawler acting as the homophobe was actually a pretty sweet choice, the character is well-liked and so it didn’t instantly turn the audience on him, and their friendship was believable enough for it to really hurt to see Colossus try to make him see sense.

In short Marvel, if you give me free comics that would be awesome, because at the moment I can’t afford to buy them. I thank you however, for continuing to be awesome.

Sorry DC fans, you may have batman, but we have gay marriage.


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