Ain’t No Sunshine

I’m sort of glad the sun’s gone into hiding this evening, it didn’t treat me very nicely this morning, in fact it did the solar equivalent of coming into my house and shitting on the carpet. Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but for a giant fireball millions of miles away it should bloody well know better.

And while I usually wouldn’t object to being a little less pasty-white than I usually am, I’d rather my arms didn’t just continually sting.

That would be nice.

I do get confused about sunbathing a lot however, not because I don’t understand that people like to tan themselves, but just because I get the jitters when I consider that I could reduce the risk of skin cancer, by however little, by just not doing it.

The same argument could be made for drugs I suppose, but people don’t shoot up on light…

That’d be a little weird.


One response to “Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. Agreed, that would be really weird. Get some aloe vera on there =/

    Also, I’m a vampire in comparison to people who spend time in the sun. Family history of skin cancer. x.x

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