Adding Nothing To The Conversation

In my break between making notes about the history of life on earth and considering whether 3PM is too late for breakfast time I thought I’d talk to you guys, I hope you’re not busy, you know those files don’t organise themselves.

There are a couple of things I’d like to be doing this week, primarily writing the story I’ve had to delay because of exams, but instead I am forced to learn about really interesting topics such as the evolution and diversity of animals. Woe is me for having the most interesting topic left until last, damn you justice!

There is very little for me to add to the conversation today I fear, because I’m a little too blown away with the zombie news story to comment on it. I can’t picture a naked guy eating another naked guy’s face without my response being a continuous string of ‘what’s, and there’s also a shitstorm kicking off on the internet regarding JREF president DJ Grothe that I really want to add my side to, but fear that I don’t know enough about the blogosphere’s short but rich history on this to add anything to the discussion.

No doubt you can be pretty sure I stand for the women on this issue, for the reason that they’re right. Sorry angry internet people, but I don’t agree with peoples’ wrong arguments just because we have a dangling piss-sausage in common with each other.

If you really want to hear me talk more however, you can hear me talk about the new Tenacious D album on two separate sites next week. So that’s exciting if you’re a fan of rawk, and album covers that are really unsubtle in their resemblance to giant, beaked cocks.

And I don’t mean the kind with feathers.

You have been warned, and hopefully titillated.


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