Mysterious Beeping Noise…

I’m a little worried about the noises my computer’s currently making. Are laptops supposed to sound like they’re sending out a distress call if they’re running smoothly? I get the feeling that it might not be a good sign, but I also can’t find the source of the noise and kind of need the thing on to do revision, memebase and of course this.

So be grateful that I’m doing the mental equivalent of covering my ears right now because my computers screaming out for a tech SOS and I’m unfortunately far from an expert in any machinery more advanced than a ball of blue tack.

Right, I just picked up a bag behind me and the beeping stopped.

If anything that’s even more confusing.

Shouldn’t these beeps be replaced with sounds that actually tell you what the problem is?

Perhaps some sort of recorded message, perhaps the game over music from donkey kong country to tell you that the machine’s broken or a mario death jingle for the blue screen of death.

Or is that just too convenient for you designers of machines that beep without a clear reason?

And all of this coming out in the open when you thought I was going to talk about the Queen’s diamond jubilee eh? Oh no, I was so looking forward to sending my love to one of the most pointless, archaic remnants of British society.

Seriously, if she was as interesting as castles and cathedrals I really wouldn’t mind, but humans, as good as they are at making magnificent structures, aren’t different enough from each other to warrant being as fun to get a tour around as a castle.

And now I need to get the image of a tour of the Queen out of my head.

good job brain!


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