Sunday Hangover: Diamond Jubblies

So, as of Yesterday… I think…

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne (I should probably have put that in scare quotes) for sixty years? Yes, sixty years of doing a lot of waving and trying her best to hide the fact that she married a massive racist and doesn’t really have any power besides being filthy rich these days.

And for the diamond jubilee I’m celebrating by doing a lot of studying and reading A Storm Of Swords.

Deal with it Lizzy, it’s raining, also I’m not a big fan of yours, although I do like you better than Prince Charles.

His face would look terrible on my money.

As nice as it is to have a little old lady on coins and notes though, I think I would prefer to have a system of great achievers in British society, you know, like on the other side of British notes.

I take pleasure in thinking about how the back of the ten pound note would go down in the Bible belt, and perhaps one day I’ll be able to find out for myself, as soon as I’ve found myself a bulletproof vest and a coat made out of Bibles. Because when it’s blasphemy to shoot me they’re not going to try, and any who do will be thwarted!

Now let’s see whether they try to cash it in or piss on it.

I’m always a little harsh on the royal family though, and as much as I disagree with such an archaic system still being in place, I feel a little bad for being so cynical about their position.

So let me qualify.

Congratulations Ms. Thesecond, I wish you all the best with your life and times, but if you would, could you end the monarchy in your will? Or at least make sure illegitimise Charles?

Thank you.


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