Facepalm For Humanity

I’ve been going through my notes here and the more I study the clearer it seems to me that humans are really fucking stupid when it comes to the world around them.

Mangrove swaps defiled for shrimp farming when Mangrove swamps are about 70% more economically valuable.

Rainforests cut down for agricultural land when the soil is shockingly poor in nutrients, despite what you may think upon first glance, and the fact that the rainforest grew in a similar way to our differences from other species. It took a long bloody time, and it doesn’t just grow back in a few years, or even a few hundred.

Although compared to oil that’s nothing.

What’s really upsetting about the burning of oil for fuel however, even ignoring the huge global climate change that could potentially do a number on all of us and our fluffy (and not so fluffy) neighbours, but the fact that we can do so much with oil. We can make plastics of all different shapes and sizes, we could build carbon nanotubes to help us construct a space elevator to take us to mars… and we’re burning it instead.

Good job humanity, good job.

Sometimes it seems like we’d have all been better off swinging from the trees and flinging our own shit at each other.

At least then we’d be able to excuse the idiots that do.


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