Give The New Gods A Chance

Hello friends and welcome to Thursday, a day dedicated to Thor… the thunder God… not the Marvel character… probably.

It probably mostly exists because Jesusday is a really shit name for a day of the week. Sorry Mr. Christ, but your name just… well, it just doesn’t fit with our language or customs. Good luck with the whole martyrdom thing though, I hope it goes well for you, don’t eat too many fish when you come back from the dead or anything, I know old habits die hard but you should probably try to be a little bit subtle.

On the other hand Budday sounds pretty great, and even Yahwehday sounds awesome.

When are we going to get around to adding these days of the week? If nothing else they’re going to be less depressing than everyone apparently finds Mondays.

Perhaps we could split Mondays in two and just stick them there, and then you can get paid for two days work in one day, and will be allowed an awesome extra nap in between your sleeps. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it siestas!

Perhaps we should clear up the issue of weekends as well, because really, when does the week actually end? Some people think the new week starts on Saturday, some Monday, some people think the weekend starts on Friday, some Saturday.

Perhaps we should have a new day after Sunday just called End-day and it can be a celebration of all things morbid and apocalyptic.

Surely that would be a worthwhile lead-up to Yahwehday, sorry, Monday, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.


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