Debates Settled In Science, Not In Headlines

Welcome back to the blog, I’m very tired. Here are three hundred or so words that will hopefully distract me from that fact enough to say something vaguely interesting.

It seems like physicists have finished their solid case against the case faster-than-light neutrinos (which by the way would be an awesome name for a science fiction detective novel, a doctor who meets sherlock holmes kind of gig, get on it Moffat), and although I was really excited when this news item first started making the rounds, it’s begun to sink in that people never listen to the follow up.

So I’m going to, and now so are you, Einstein was probably right on this one, sorry those of you shaking in nervous excitement about possible new fields of study opening up.

It does get to me however, that whenever something appears that challenges a past scientific notion, the immediate reaction from the press seems to be (even if the previously held claim was dismissed many, many years ago) ‘Einstein was wrong!’ or ‘Darwin was wrong!’ or other headlines to that effect.

And that kind of headline is misleading at best, especially in regards to Charles Darwin, who seems to be as reviled as atheism in certain circles and who pioneered one of the most fully fleshed out theories in science. Einstein too has a hell of a lot of proof on his side when it comes to relativity, so in effect there should have probably been a lot more skepticism about the idea than there appeared to be, however, the headline isn’t in the doubts or the possibilities, it’s in sensationalism.

And unfortunately that’s one of the reasons why people buy awful publications like The Daily Mail; because people like to hear sensationalized stories, they don’t want reality.

And to me that’s really bloody depressing.


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