Saving Your Ears

I’ve been giving some serious thought as to the best way to block out unwanted noise and still be able to do whatever it is you’re doing. Apparently turning up the volume doesn’t help when waiting for the doorbell to ring because you don’t hear it. I’m sure that any of you could have told me that, but instead I found out myself. Perhaps there should be some easier way to soundproof walls, but if that was implemented, how would we be able to hear people coming in delicate situations, find out when your dinner’s cooked or not have walls that are three feet across.

Because having battlements for walls isn’t really an option if you don’t live in a castle, and I have a feeling the planning permission would be a bitch to get cleared.

Also, in this situation, we’re assuming you don’t have the money, the land, the architecture skills or the patience to build a castle yourself.

As much as I wish people still did build castles, that just doesn’t seem like it’s likely for more than a very, very tiny percentage of the world’s population, and in the depths of a financial crisis it’s a big ask to put enough money on the table to essentially reinvigorate a medieval boner for huge, turreted stone buildings.

People talk about using egg boxes, but really, who gets through that many eggs fast enough to make this option a practical solution to a short term problem?

Mr. Strong?

A pity he isn’t real, he’d probably have a few thousand just lying around.

In case you can’t tell, I’m not in my most awake state, perhaps this is causing a hindrance in my ability to think of a solution for this only-sort-of-problem but I like to think that it just makes me more creative.


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