Habbo Habbo

Let me fill you in on a little thing I don’t quite understand, so I suppose by filling you in I wouldn’t be doing so much as… filling you in, as much as… um… letting you know I hold contention with it.

And wouldn’t you know it you can write a blog post with ums!


There was a kerfuffle going on on the news last night about the creepiness of some users in Habbo Hotel. Now, the first question you should be asking there is: Habbo Hotel is still a thing?

Well yes, apparently it is, and it’s a hub for cybersex and paedophiles as far as the news would like us to believe.

But the idea that to solve this problem we should be locking down on social networking sites and putting harsh measures in doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Surely parents of these children that are going on these sites, y’know, have the responsibility placed on them?

Until your child is of age the onus to protect them is surely partly due to you? Perhaps I misunderstand, being childish and naive myself, however, I would hesitate to suggest that the venue for these events is the thing that needs changing. Perhaps I sound, again, naive, when I think like this, but there are people policing these sites, it’s just difficult to catch everyone unless you have the social networking equivalent of the soviet union under your hands.

Now, I’m exaggerating, and I do understand the degree to which parents despise venues that allow both children to enter and users to participate in ‘cybersex’; it’s a horrible position to be in as a parent, not wanting to restrict your child’s activities but also wanting to keep them safe. But I do have a certain nervous twitch whenever people demand an overhaul of something on first instinct.


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