A Bad Call

Good afternoon internet! I don’t suppose any of you have a phone charger that will fit a HTC hero and are willing to drive down to Nottingham to give it to me? No? Well in that case I’m very disappointed in all of you, but most of all I’m disappointed that a phone charger can be so flimsy as to actually lose the metal part that connects it to the phone. I mean I’ve tried just sticking the wires in like an idiot but that achieved a grand total of bugger all and I wouldn’t hurry to try and fumble around with it for another hour.

I’ll be a much happier man once mankind invents wireless power. It’s a long way off but we’ll be pretty much done with wires by that point, and therefore also done with all the first world problems associated with them.

I’d be more pissed off if I didn’t know that I’m allowed to upgrade my phone in a couple of weeks but the complaint persists, because that’s a couple of weeks, and I’d quite like to be able to communicate like a normal person for those two weeks, rather than walking somberly back into the Eocene to join the terror birds and tiny, tiny horses that aren’t yet horses.

Just a thought, perhaps these phone chargers should be universal?

It might make these things a lot easier.

Apparently the new HTC chargers are the same as a load of other chargers but I happened to buy my phone from the awkward generation of HTC, back when they still made chargers that can’t hold themselves together.

Perhaps I should rub the battery between my hands and see if that works.


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