So, as we all know, just because something is unexplained, that doesn’t mean it’s unexplainable. Well, we should all know this, and unexplainable should be a word. Get on that wordpress/dictionary/evolution of language. But there are some people for whom this just isn’t enough, and when there is a gap in our knowledge they jump on it and wrestle it onto the ground like some sort of deluded Steve Irwin-esque crocodile hunter. They would claim that science cannot explain these gaps because it has not yet explained them, and when evidence is presented to them that seems to imply that science is beginning to explain it, if it hasn’t already compiled enough evidence to confirm it… well, then they move the goalposts and ask a question that’s linguistically different but logically identical.

But who could be so infuriatingly mindblind you ask?

Mindblind, that’s a good word, I answer, that word should exist too. Get on that wordpress/dictionary/evolution of language.

Ladies and gentlemen, Deepak Chopra is the man in question, and although there are many like him, perhaps none are so internationally renowned for talking absolute crap for a living.

Here he is having a discussion with Leonard Mlodinow, who makes some pretty good points that Chopra instantly dismisses in favor of asking the same question with different words.

Try and make it through the whole fifteen minutes without raising one eyebrow, I dare you, and I will give you a free hug courtesy of this blog.

You will be the first of your kind to receive such a gift.


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