Getting Of Your Ass

Alrighty, today I’m doing a post for every blog I write for, so I hope you’re all very proud of me for being such a hard worker/doing what I enjoy for several hours in one day. When you put it like that it doesn’t sounds much like work does it? It does take a couple of hours though, so feel free to pat me on the back a few times and say ‘awww’, that would be perfectly appropriate and not at all patronising.

Writing has a very obvious side effect of making me sit on my ass for several hours unmoved, which is good for productivity but bad for exercise, posture, the chair and my ass. I’m not saying that we need to find a way to write more effectively standing up but if there was a way to do it whilst working out in the gym, I think I’d be both in shape and three books into a series by now.

In fact, exercise would be a lot easier if we could fit multiple platforms to exercise machines. I saw a very fanciful picture of an xbox controller attached to a cross trainer a while ago and I was impressed to the point of drooling. For a console that drains several hours at a time, how good would the exercise be if you actually had the will to keep going?

I suppose the flaw in this plan is assuming that your stamina would increase to a few hours from distraction alone, realistically, if it was anything other than a treadmill I could probably do it, but my chunky, chunky legs aren’t designed for running, and they remind me about that fact way too often for comfort.

Perhaps I should just grow some wheels, that wouldn’t make going upstairs awkward at all.


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