You Are A Pirate!

So apparently the UK ban on the pirate bay has actually increased the site’s traffic. Well I’m glad something good’s come out of this stupidity. With so many sites offering file sharing, it’s a bloody stupid move to get rid of one of the best ones. What does that leave us with? The flea bitten remnants of sites that have viruses embedded into them? Where there are about five ‘download this torrent’ links, which, by the way, is so many that I can’t tell where the real one is.

And this just goes to show that the ban has made very little difference to the cause that the government were trying to work towards, illegal downloading is still going on, it’s just going on on different sites, and sometimes shadier ones. Unfortunately for me virgin media’s decided that I’m not allowed to use the site, which just sucks leagues and leagues of… penises.

Personally this censoring of the internet gives me a bad feeling, it’s as if these rules are made to protect a straw man, because they don’t understand what they’re dealing with with the internet, it scares them and they want to have control over it.

Having control could be reassuring, but this grasping for it makes it seem as if the previously-unrestricted world of the internet is some sort of threat to lawmakers. And some things definitely need to be checked over and kept safe. I don’t believe however, that this zero-tolerance policy on file sharing is a necessary enterprise, or even a good idea. People are going to get the files they want, you might as well let them do it from a site that’s relatively safe.


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