Out With GCSEs?

Back from the bowels of the internet, it’s me, fresh from a screwed up bodyclock and a half an hour shower, to fill you in on a topic that I will begin right…………. now!

Okay apparently GCSE exams are going to be scrapped by 2014 to make way for a new league of super duper exams that turn all children into huge disappointments.

Now, it’s debatable whether this is a good idea or not, battling with the question of whether exams are easier or kids are getting smarter, when really the answer to that false dichotomy is probably that it’s a little more complicated than that.

Personally, I founds GCSE exams quite easy, but that’s not to say that my experience was typical of the British educational system, some people I know struggled with them, and perhaps for that section of the population’s sake, if not for the whole population, we should be thinking about implementing an examination system that can scale up based on skill level.

Or get rid of exams altogether, I know a lot of people would benefit from that, as hard as it would be to replace such a a system. There are coursework based subjects already I suppose so perhaps this conversation I’m having with myself is a teensy little bit redundant.

I do believe it’s in the government’s best interests to focus on education but perhaps we should be examining the problem and diagnosing it before we jump to a conclusion that leads to the scrapping of one of the major schooling systems. That would seem to be the reasonable explanation to me, you could do a study of students at GCSE level as well as those slightly before and slightly after and see if the exams are too easy, too hard or just right.

Perhaps I should be education minister.


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