Writing That Tickles

I live in a world where sometimes humour is a virtue. A lot of campaigns, fables, lessons and sets of information often take themselves way too seriously. But why is this? Is it because people are so wrapped up in the message that they want to put across that they refuse to add a note of levity to their otherwise heavy discussions? Well no, because I just pulled that straight from my metaphorical rectum, what I have found myself however, especially in writing fiction, is that humour is a difficult beast to tackle when the outline is already covered.

For example, with these blog posts I can more easily goof off because I’m starting from scratch, knowing what the basic point of the post will be and having free reign to work around it, whereas, for example, in the story I’m currently working on I’ve worked out a lot of minute details, know where the major points of the story are going to fall and even some of the words that will be exchanged within those settings; once those are nailed down and I think perhaps some humour needs to be injected in… well, sometimes it’s hard to find room for it, and when you do, with the context the characters of the story are working in sometimes it feels a little forced.

This trouble I’ve experienced personally has really strengthened a huge respect I have for comedy writers, people who can write jokes that work over and over again while still retaining some sense of continuity; AKA not ending up writing a TV show that plays out like a kid’s joke book.

Maybe it’s because I get more entranced in a story that has a serious root but the process these people go through to produce gag-infested material eludes me, and when I can’t see for the life of me how something is done it’s hard for me not to stare open mouthed and repeatedly make stupid noises as I try to comprehend how the hell people do what they do how they do it.

Perhaps that’s why I don’t watch too many magic shows, because I can’t for the life of me see how I could match the speed or the intelligence behind the tricks, plus I have no idea where you would get three thousand goldfish from and how you would manage to hide them all from a huge audience.


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