Crap Proven Using Different Crap!

Just to try and show children the level they’re working with when being taught creationism in Louisiana, ACE (advanced christian education) is using the loch ness monster as proof against evolution.


Listen, I don’t need to tell anyone that this is ridiculous, I can see the eyebrows already flying through your various roofs and I don’t mean to make you lose them forever, so before I continue go get a stepladder and get them back.

Are you safely re-eyebrowed? Good, then we can continue.

I would actually argue that if there was sufficient evidence to prove that the loch ness monster did in fact exist, that it wouldn’t be proof against evolution at all. It seems to me that the response of some creationists to evolution is to just point to something they don’t understand and say ‘hey look, can evolution explain that?’ And when you tell them yes, don’t imagine that they’ll be won over.

Because if a plesiosaur did survive into the modern age that would simply be an amazing feat of survival. Sure, if there had been no mutations since the mesozoic era that’d be bloody odd, but without much ancient DNA to compare it to how would we even know that?

I suppose this falls under the banner of trying to prove that dinosaurs lived alongside humans to try and get rid of the major flaw that is a time gap in the diversity of life of over a billion years, but at that point they don’t have a leg to stand on.

It disappoints me that creationism is being taught as science and evolution is not in these cases, obviously. But surely you would think that these ‘educational groups’ would be smart enough to avoid using bullshit to support bullshit.

I mean that would be like using acupuncture to imply that atlantis existed.


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