On Worms

Whichever man/woman/annelid invented worms has got a really strange mind.

And by worms I mean worms the video game.

The inventor of worms has no mind, despite what they’d probably tell you in Texas.

The idea that worms would go to war with each other using explosive sheep is surely the work of a genius; a genius or a madman.

And I am apparently too sleepy to be able to spell the word genius on my first attempt. Given that I’ve written it a few times so far you can imagine how long this is taking. Truly I’m not a genius.

Either way, worms and its 3D friend ‘hogs of war’ have taken the world of turn based combat into an LSD-laced pool of WTF.

I wonder what sort of games back in the day had the same kind of reaction. Surely there must be some sort of board game equivalent, sort of like risk but with jelly cubes for player tokens and pools of sticky honey instead of the countries. I assume that in this game you have to get your jelly cube sticky from all of the recently-dyed pools of honey without your cube falling into the pool in a quicksand-style… thing.

Perhaps it’s just the modern age that flaunts flamboyance in its manufactured games.

If so I’m very, very disappointed people of the past.


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