Sunday Hangover: Untrasparency

It’s time for a return of the light-hearted, so put your hands together for the return of the inevitably sober Sunday Hangover!

Thank you, thank you.

As I try to find out when exactly I’m going to get the results for my university course this year it’s striking me that it’s really hard to find anything on the NTU site that’s not there for purposes of marketing. I’m sure it’s not just my university, I’ve had trouble with quite a few websites in this category trying to find out a specific piece of information and only coming up with smiling interracial groups having the time of their lives and hoping that I will too.

Well that’s all well and good, but when do I find out if I passed or not? Surely that should be the question you’re answering, seeing as it’s part of your schedule and it’s buried so deeply into your shockwave-infested site that it’s about as easy to dig up as the centre of the earth.

Perhaps if these websites were to actually answer the questions all its visitors wanted it would get the students and therefore money that it so shamelessly begs for; because to be honest, nobody really falls for those images, we all know that humanity’s a mixture of likable people, bearable people and utter arseholes, and until you’ve met every one of them you have no idea what category these international strangers are going to fit into.

Because no matter how many different races you proudly display, they are all still equally likely to be tossers, although probably 99% of all the people I’ve ever disliked have been white people. It might be because there are just more of us around in this country, or it might be because the European gene pool carries the molecular coding for penises to end up on peoples’ foreheads instead of their crotches.


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