5 Million Babies

Since July 1978, 5 million ‘test tube babies’ have been born worldwide, the man who pioneered this procedure (IVF, AKA in vitro fertilisation) has been awarded with a Nobel prize (if I’m remembering correctly) and that very process allowed my girlfriend to be born, which has worked out pretty well for me.

But whether we’re talking about Louise Brown or Alice Manterfield this landmark is an arbitrary number that has equaled a lot of happiness worldwide for people who otherwise would not be able to have children. For this reason, the people who are against IVF seem to me to be similarly minded to the people who don’t want wind farms because they ‘don’t like the view’ or ‘think it’s an eyesore’.

I would be tempted to declare them twats but that would be immature of me, instead I’m going to go with ‘selfish’.

That works nicely I think, when it seems as if everyone’s well being and happiness is nothing compared to the importance of your slight annoyance or inconvenience, well, I think at that point selfish isn’t a strong enough word; but for the purposes of not having a ruder alternative that doesn’t bring me to the level of the people in question, yes, let’s go with selfish.

Seriously, the same thing goes with stem cell research, which could potentially save millions of lives, but has been held back (especially over in the United States) because people would rather the stem cells of fetuses were thrown in the trash and eaten by bacteria than used to actually do some good and save lives.

Honestly, the only way I can justify these utterly ignorant objections is that they just don’t understand the issues they’re talking about.

Perhaps we should work on that, don’t we have educational systems in this world?


One response to “5 Million Babies

  1. Good article, I have had an argument with my father in law on numerous occasions as he is against IVF treatment as he believes that if a woman is “barren” it is mother natures way of trying to keep the population down. As I like to point out this is clearly an idiotic argument and if it was the case would be an argument against the use of ANY medication that can prolong life!

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