The Ham In The Quest Sandwich

welcome back to the hub, the place where I write this blog, the batcave that can be wherever I happen to be when I find the time to log into wordpress each day, the place that is currently here, in this very location.

But today I’m not going to be talking about that place for more than seventy or so words, no sir, today I’m going to be talking about something that isn’t that place and never will be, because I refuse to disclose my current location! Okay, make that ninety three words.

In books, especially fantasy novels, it seems that at some points the author feels like they need to put a certain amount of time into the story where the characters are travelling from one place to another; you know, in between the scenes that move the plot forward significantly. This is especially relevant in fantasy novels where generally the heroes (or villains) are moving across a fictional world to get from one location to another to solve a giant, mystical something or other.

Some authors play this very well, some authors hit and miss with these sorts of scenes, and I find trying these parts out myself that they’re usually pretty tricky to flesh out. There are a couple of things you might come up with that add content to the journey through the misty mountains, but there’s a certain part of you that sees the journey in your mind and would be content to just write – they went over there.

But, for example, some of the best moments of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King are during travel, as are some of the worst moments I might add; but it’s hard to really reflect a sense of adventure with a series of ‘now I’m over here!’…s, when there’s a journey you can take with a character that actually may invest you in the fates and the purposes of the characters involved more than (very occasionally) the characters themselves.

Perhaps I’m over thinking this and people are happy with their heroes just turning up wherever they fancy, I’ve been wrong before, but especially when you want to show off a world that your brain came up with (largely) by itself there is a joy in presenting the fictional world in writing in more than just a short paragraph and an ‘ooh isn’t that structure pretty’.


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