Yay Boson

I bet you thought that I’d want to talk about the Higgs Boson today, but I dont, because I don’t have anywhere near enough to say about it to write a whole blog post. I could say woo Higgs? I think that works. Woo Higgs!

Anyway, I’m pretty worried about how some people take this news, people who apparently don’t understand what it means, and by that I mean even less than me. This should be clear anyway, but just for the record, the Higgs Boson has nothing to do with spirits, unicorns, fairies or anything in the silly spectrum. Those things probably don’t exist; the Higgs Boson probably does exist.

Although I don’t have anything against fairies, I have to say that the scientific consensus on their existence is pretty strong, at least as long as your definition of scientist only allows for Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle, that guy loved fairies, you wouldn’t know it from his fiction would you?

Perhaps he should hook up with that teacher from fairly odd parents, they would probably have got along swimmingly, given his affinity for fairies Arthur Conan Doyle probably wouldn’t mind much that he was fictional, in fact he would probably have preferred him. Holmes probably wouldn’t have very nice things to say about him though, I hear the fictional man is ironically more in tune with reality.

Anyway, I wish that could bring us around full circle but it really doesn’t.



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