Putting My F00t Down

Depending on how you got to reading this blog you might happen to know that the semi-popular YouTuber ‘thunderf00t’ has been participating in another one of the online shit storms that appears to start brewing whenever someone tries to take measures for ensure the safety of women at conferences of a certain kind. The sad thing about these barrages of straw men that come flying is that they prove the point they are arguing against, that more safety measures are needed, and when attacking women’s rights not to be harassed is encouraged, really, it only goes to show that the people encouraging it live in a very different world than you or I.

Perhaps that world is one populating by fairies and leprechauns, perhaps it’s one where the only visible landscape is the inside of the beholder’s anus, or perhaps it’s something else entirely. Personally, I don’t see how people can summon the backwards audacity to tell other people what they should be comfortable with, it’s as ridiculous as the straw man of a funtimes lockdown that they’re ‘arguing’ against.

I hope that this has all been some big mistake and the man was simply trolling to figure out how ignorant people could believe him to be, but it would seem that thunderf00t was, and remains serious about his opposition to making conferences safer places for women.

These points have been addressed in a couple of places, but the man in question has dealt with all of his critics by denying that they address his points, so I doubt (especially with the minuscule internet wrath I hold) that I can make a dent in the shields that he’s placed around his ears, but I just couldn’t not talk about it, because it’s possibly more insane than the topics he’s made a name for himself criticising.

I would appreciate it if Mr. F00t would take a few moments to make a YouTube video taking down the myths he created himself, perhaps if he did, he might see some parallels, because as far as I can tell, this man is a denier.


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