After The Bomb 2

That’s when it happened,
In an instant, a flash of genius infused with an absence of morals, a proud city was greeted by the power of a star, the destructive power the sun itself harnesses sharing its love with a city the world would soon forget.

She struggled to recall how she made it out alive, but there she was; on the outskirts of a bad memory, a conspicuous land of rubble and unstable isotopes, and yet life still flowed through her.

She took a step back and felt her heart sink, the wasteland was cut off from the rest of the world by a twelve foot high barbed wire fence. The perpetrators of the unforgivable attack had never expected anyone to try to leave, no, that fence was to stop people going in, to stop people from wandering far forward enough to realise what they had done.

There was no home for her after the bomb.


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