Sunday Hangover: Hardcore!

Where does the term hardcore come from? Would it be referring to a denser version of metal? If so does that explain why I can’t hear what the hell anyone’s saying in hardcore music? This doesn’t take away from the art or the power of the song itself, it’s just that when I can’t hear what the singer’s trying to convey I start making up my own lyrics. At that point a song that was supposed to be about the end of tyranny is sounding a lot more like a song about trying to find a quiet place to flip the chimp.

This conflict between my ears and my brain was in full swing when I attended bloodstock a few years ago, a festival dedicated to the kind of metal you have to have actually read the lyrics to know the words to. I think there were three or four bands I saw that I could understand, the rest ended up singing about badgers in their pants, crackers with AIDS or other things that I’m sure they had no intention of portraying in song.

Derivatives such as metalcore, crabcore, deathcore etc. seem to make no sense however in the way I first tried to understand hardcore music, by the name of the genre itself. If one has a core made of crabs, surely this makes you incredibly ill, it says nothing about how metal you are, nor anything else for that matter except for the fact that you really need to see a bloody doctor, hopefully one that wasn’t bloody before he tried to remove several crustaceans from your innards.

Deathcore is understandable in that context but that makes it sound as depressing as the smiths, what it should really be called is throatcore, because as far as I can tell the only way to make sounds that low and rumbling is to have vocal chords the size of a small elephant.


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